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Boldon CA Cricket Club Under 11's Cricket Team.

We have several new and enthusiastic junior members in the age group 8-11years who have played little or no organised sport. All the kids come from the immediate area of Boldon Colliery which is a recognised area of financial deprivation and represent a broad spectrum of racial diaspora.

We intend through coaching and playing friendly matches against other local clubs to mould them into a recognisable competitive unit capable of playing in the Durham Cricket Board Junior Cricket League. This will develop their game until they are old enough to then play in the Durham and North East Cricket League.

Fortunately we have invested in training equipment which is available to this group but we have no strips. The league has mandated that junior cricket teams should play in coloured kits which will cost us £55 per child making a total of £770.

We request a grant of £770.00 to cover this cost of kit and allow this project to succeed?

We do not have a photograph of our most recent junior recruits so have attached a shot of our Under 13 Team to demonstrate that our system works. These children joined the club as a rabble just before the pandemic and are now competing at the top of their league. We would like to do it again.

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