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We are Trinity Youth and Children's Project. Operating in the heart of North Ormesby, we aim to provide the residents of North Ormesby with a safe space to learn new skills, meet new people and develop/maintain positive life styles. North Ormesby suffers from high levels of childhood obesity, deprivation and anit-social behaviour so our goal is to engage with the residents of North Ormesby to help tackle some of these issues.

As part of our project we run two weekly youth sessions a week for young people aged 10-17.

Our first weekly sessions provides young people with a safe space filled with free flowing play and activities. At these sessions we provide sporting activities, crafts, games and the ability for the young people to cook healthy meals to share together with the rest of the group. We also frequently team up with other organisations to provide support and activities related to mental health support, skill/career development and community engagement.

Our second session is dedicated to cooking and baking where each week our young people cook new healthy recipes and take the food home to share with their friends and families to help develop a healthy eating lifestyles as well as giving the young people chance to taste new meals and food they may not have heard of before.

We are looking for funding to help cover the cost of the resources we use in our youth sessions. These include crafting supplies, ingredients for our cooking and our sporting resources.

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