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We are a relatively new netball club for children from age 5 upwards and adults in the East Durham community, based in Wingate. Since we formed our numbers have increased to around 50 and we are actively encouraging local girls to take part in sport for their mental and physical wellbeing and are seeing new members each week. As this is seen as a deprived area, we are currently looking to fund more netball targeted training for our volunteer coaches and to encourage new volunteers to assist with the growing numbers. Some of our older girls would like to undertake some training and funding could help facilitate this.

We would also like to buy training tops for the girls to wear to league games to give the girls a team spirit and sense of pride as other established clubs have matching kit. We are looking at an end of season presentation or social event to boost their confidence and allow friendships to be maintained

We have started playing in local leagues and have a few girls training with North Durham academy this year after trials took place. This is giving them a lot of confidence and others are aspiring to join them although some girls come along to meet new friends but don't want to play in leagues. This is ok with us as we are aiming to be an inclusive club with no expectations on the girls other than coming along to enjoy and have some fun.

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