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Blyth South Beach Karate Club Supporters Group aims to provide recreational activities based around Karate in and around the Blyth area of South-East Northumberland. We promote valuable skills such as teamwork, loyalty, honesty, and other life skills valuable for good citizenship.

The club runs its Karate classes from the Isabella Community Centre in Blyth. The area we cover is economically and socially deprived with a high percentage of unemployment. The neighbourhoods surrounding the Isabella Centre all fall within the 10% most deprived wards nationally, being ranked 3,010 out of 32,844 (Deprivation Indices 2019). We aim to enable families of all social backgrounds to participate and enjoy experiences that may ordinarily be out of their reach.

The Karate Union of Great Britain hosts many courses throughout the year. For students from disadvantaged backgrounds, these are difficult to attend due to travel costs and class fees. Hosting visiting instructors at the club will allow our students to train with senior KUGB instructors and gain new skills without having to leave the local area. Help with these costs means we can offer special courses to club members for free.

To enable our student’s progression to their next grade, we host three gradings a year with senior KUGB examiners who travel from Liverpool/Manchester. Hosting gradings at the club means students can grade in a familiar and less stressful environment. Grading examiners travel costs are around £150. Financial support with these costs would make it more affordable for our club to host its own gradings.

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