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Young at Heart ULO provides excellent dementia-friendly activities and support for carers. The need for such support is very evident in the local community and the demand for musical activities is high. Music is part of being human. There is no human culture where it isn’t highly developed and valued. People often turn on the radio, tap their feet to a rhythm, clap, sing along to a familiar tune, click our fingers, etc. In this way, no musical ability is required in order to take part, enjoy and respond to the music. Living with dementia leads to loss of certain types of memory, depending on the type of dementia, which can affect language, judgement, self awareness and self of self. Yet, evidence suggests that even those living with advanced stages of dementia still preserve musical memory.

If successful, funding would contribute to launching a dementia choir. Television shows such as BBC’s “Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McLure” and the recent publication of the Power of Music report by Music for Dementia and UK Music have all reinforced how music can transform communities and improve the health and wellbeing of those to take part. The aim of the dementia choir is to provide cognitive stimulation and musical engagement that elicit emotions, thoughts and memories but also support learning and development.

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