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True Colours Theatre offer inclusive theatre and performing-arts classes targeted at young people who experience a range of disabilities and disadvantages. Many of our members have sensory disorders or are on the autistic spectrum with the majority experiencing communication difficulties. Some children are also non-verbal, whilst others experience physical disabilities and mobility impairments. Other beneficiaries suffer from behavioural difficulties and several children also live in areas categorised within the top 5% on the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.

Additionally, these children experience low levels of confidence and self-belief as a result of not being able to express themselves and develop their social skills in an inclusive environment with other children. Performing arts particularly benefits people with additional needs by giving an outlet to explore emotions and feelings.

The work we do within class sessions gives structure and meaning to those feelings, and helps beneficiaries process and understand their feelings which can help manage extreme emotional responses (which are sometimes referred to as "meltdowns"). Our beneficiaries are also directly involved in deciding class content and take an active role in developing scripts, choreography and lyrics for performances. By being included in the development of programmes we deliver, beneficiaries will gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement leading to increased confidence and self belief.

This grant would go towards continuing our services and provide subsidised classes to some our regions most disadvantaged young people.

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