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Powerchair football is the only fast paced team sport that people with a severe physical disability can play. Our club has 30 players of varying physical disabilities, some players also have autism/a learning disability as well as their physical disability. All our players' disabilities affect them so much physically that they can not take part in mainstream sports and activities. Often playing powerchair football is the only time our players can do something independently. The only time they have that feeling of euphoria of scoring a goal, or making that perfect pass. Often their families did not dare to dream of their child playing a team sport; powerchair football means not only that they have the opportunity to play, but also the opportunity to compete in matches.

The Club was formed around 10 years ago. Throughout this time the Club has raised funds to buy a Club set of specialist powerchairs so people of all ages, abilities and social economic backgrounds can play. The Club has now arrived at the amazing situation that we have more players than we have chairs. 

When new players arrive they transfer into one of the Club’s specialist powerchair football chairs. Lots of the Club’s players have fundraised to buy their own powerchair, however still lots of our players use one of the Club’s chairs. Ideally we need to have powerchairs available for players who arrive to give powerchair football a try, who will then hopefully become a part of our lovely Club. 

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