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Birtley Town Community Bowling Club (BTCBC) is a small charity offering local facilities for residents to socialise and come together to volunteer, watch and play bowls, operating at this location for almost 120 years. The charity maintains the facilities and bowling green on behalf of the wider local community and is recognised locally for the role they play. Whilst operating an open and inclusive policy where anyone can join and benefit from our facilities we predominantly help many of Birtley's older residents by offering them a valuable and affordable outlet to maintain social contact, remain physically active and improve their mental and physical well being. BTCBC is located in Elisabethville, Birtley which falls in the top 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in England (specifically in the income, employment and health and disability domains - IMD 2019).

We seek funding to help our members and community volunteers maintain and improve our Pavilion building, landscaped grounds and bowling green for future years for the residents of Birtley and the surrounding area. All members (circa 80), visiting teams and clubs and the wider community of Birtley will directly benefit from well maintained and improved facilities. The project will provide for essential capital improvements and items of equipment. This will enable our volunteers to maintain the grounds safely and make physical improvements to the Pavilion building and surrounding local environment to ensure the facility remains the attractive and valued local asset it is today. 

We would welcome any help that can be offered.

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