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Clart About Ltd aims and objectives are to help support new mothers, their babies, and families, to reduce social isolation by bringing people together we can reduce those affected with postnatal illness when social isolation is a high-risk factor. We work in rural and deprived parts of County Durham to help provide educational play sessions to preschool children, through parent led play to promote a positive family unit. Clart About Sensory Café provides sensory experiences and offers an inclusive, calming, relaxing whilst stimulating sensory environment for all who visits.

Perinatal illness in new mothers and fathers has inevitably increased since the start of the pandemic which is why we are working to bring together new mothers who have lacked support. Bringing mothers together who are feeling isolated, low, or suffering from antenatal/postnatal depression enables them to come together and understand that they are not alone in how they feel. Provide activities on mothers mental wellbeing and focusing on the positives in the early parenting journey for both mother and baby which is often lost and forgotten due to lack of sleep leaving many new mothers overwhelmed and unable to see any positives.

Promoting conversation and sharing experiences building confidence and self-esteem which longer term is a positive for baby. By reducing social isolation of new mothers will help with the creation of lasting friendships for both mother and child.

We would like to use the grant to purchase sensory toys/resources to enhance the sessions we offer for new parents.

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