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Heart (NE) C.I.C are a non profit organisation to help those in need in the local community. The grant would be used to start a weekly outreach in Newcastle city centre to bring a group of volunteers together to instil teamwork, who all have the same goal in mind to help others. Having an outreach and working towards the same goal will inspire teamwork as we would have to work in close proximity and in a short period of time to serve hot drinks, food and snacks to those in need.

Teamwork is a vital part of any business and some of our volunteers are quieter than others and like to take a back role. Having this outreach will bring them together and encourage them to work as a team to help others and look out for each other to keep safe.

Being part of a small team encourages volunteers to speak to our service users and help combat social isolation and loneliness in the local community. Working as a team to help each other ensures that the service goes smoothly and maximises the most of the short time we would have to provide these vital services. Having a variety of volunteers with different ages and backgrounds, it also brings the team together to talk more and share ideas to enhance the service we offer in the local community.

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