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At South Park Bowls Club we have invested heavily in promoting inclusion over the last 18months. This has included inclusion training for bowlers, also coaching courses to enable us to bring new people into the sport from all backgrounds.

Our 'Thats How We Roll Project' has started (since April), this project is about trying to attract people from all backgrounds to the sport and currently focuses on bowlers with disability and children. We look to form a solid base for the future of the sport with children, but also look to give opportunity to those more vulnerable with an activity for all. To do this we look for new innovative ways to increase participation.

Running a project like this is invaluable but does require significant funds to continue to improve our equipment, train our volunteers, DBS checks to make the availability to everyone far greater.

We look to expand year on year with this project increasing our volunteer numbers and creating solutions that will bring the community (of all abilities) together in this sport. This is the only sport you will see a 10 year old bowling against a 90 year old on a level playing field and we need to encourage this as it brings together all members of the family.

We are a family club in a family park!!

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