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We're currently raising funds to create outdoor facilities to encourage more social interaction in the play areas at Crooksbarn Primary School. The types of facilities we would like to fund will enable children to spend more enjoyable time outside. Things like:

  • Buddy benches — an area where children would have a focal point to meet new friends and support each other in a comfortable and safe outdoor space.

  • An encouraging mural — this would be created with the children and a local professional artist. To include positive messaging created by the children, around the subjects of respect, helping and supporting each other. This would combine creative practice, co-design and positive thinking within the children.

  • Expanding the growing areas — there is currently a couple of small growing areas, where a volunteer helps children to grow a small number of plants. We would like to expand this element of the outdoor space, to encourage more food and herb growing. We see this as a way of showing children that, by working as a team with each other and members of the community, good food can be grown locally. Which in turn reduces food miles, encourages insect diversity, and is therefore beneficial to the environment, and a healthy and fun activity.

The Crooksbarn Parents and Friends Association (CPFA) is registered with the Charity Commission (Charity number: 1092809), and has a track record of supporting the school, it's children, parents, and the wider community to create a vibrant learning space.

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