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Barmoor Hub is a registered charity (1154893). The project will engage young people with SEN (Special Educational Needs) aged 13 - 24 years old at the community centre by delivering a project that focuses on improving their basic skills, including communication, decision making, leadership skills, managing money and fine motor skills through practical arts and craft activities as an enterprise. The young people will sell items from the enterprise activities at the centres’ fairs. By doing this, we aim to increase their ability to build relationships, improve social awareness and increase their confidence.

Each Friday, the enterprise sessions would run for 1.5 hours, with 8-15 young people being involved. The project will run for 10 weeks. The session will be run by qualified art and craft tutor who has experience working with young people with additional needs and volunteers.

The young people who attend the group have additional needs such as Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), ADHD, learning disabilities and behavioural issues. Many are anxious and vulnerable individuals that are socially challenged. They struggle with social isolation and have very little involvement in anything linked to community engagement. Because of these barriers, they struggle to manage money, impulse buying, communicating with people, making decisions and taking any sort of responsibility for themselves or others. Therefore, developing social skills, confidence and leadership skills will be an important part of this project whilst bringing these young people closer together, build strong relationships in and across this age group. 

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