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The Owl Tree Café is a community café that exists to support parents of young children in everything we do. We provide a safe, affordable and fun space for families and carers of under 5s in a bid to combat loneliness and to build a strong community of parents supporting one another. The Owl Tree café is a one of a kind play space, designed like a traditional baby and toddler group, with the focus on making friends (both the adults and the children) but with many elements of educational baby classes, such as sensory play, arts and crafts, song time and free outdoor play.

Post lockdown we have been focusing on the importance of social interaction for good mental wellbeing, and have been offering free “meet a parent” spaces on a regular basis.

The café’s core values are accessibility and affordability and we are determined to ensure that our service is available to everyone regardless of financial situation. At a time when we are needed the most, as many parents with children under 5 have missed out on social interaction during maternity in covid - we are noticing a greater uptake in our free entry offers, as many experience the squeeze from increased living costs. We are seeking to ensure that cost is never a barrier to families attending the café and we would use any funds awarded to supplement our free entry policy ensuring that support is available to all who need it, at any time. 

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