KAYAKS (The Kids And Young Adults Klub-Special needs support group)

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Kayaks was formed when our daughter was diagnosed with Autism in 2010 at 10yrs of age. My wife and myself, both Professional Registered Nurses, actually knew little about Disability/ Additional needs. Typically, if it doesn't affect you, you tend not to be well informed. Of course we didn't know that until she was diagnosed. We wanted a safe space for our daughter to meet other children, play, socialise, have fun and do what kids do... That was the Genesis of The Kayaks. A place to meet other parents who also didn't know what they didn't know, share experiences, become informed and better equipped to deal with the challenges that disability brings for children, and a place to play. In 2014, we Registered with the Charity Commission and continue to expand. We formed a group meeting at a local Community college and our Saturday group is still based there.

We need the money to buy equipment for Duke Of Edinburgh leader training for our committee/volunteers who will lead this training for the DofE awards. We already have 2 fully qualified DofE committee members to co-ordinate, plan training and validation of that training. The personal kit equipment will be bought as per the guidelines and advice issued by the DofE organisation. We will include tents, sleeping bags and other communal kit such as cooking equipment, maps, compasses, and other essentials including first aid items, campsite fees and fuel for our mini-bus which we bought to enable this to go ahead.

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