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ACTS works across South Tyneside to help older people live the best lives possible; we want people to feel financially secure, in control of their lives, maintaining their physical and mental health and well-being with good social connections in supportive communities. We have around 40 staff and over 80 regular volunteers, although over the last year all our activities had to be suspended and many of our volunteers, who are mostly over 65, have had to isolate.

We believe our volunteers are one of the most important assets we have and we want to invest in making sure they reconnect with us well and understand how we value them too! We want Venator to support us to welcome our volunteers back, with a fun set of participative team building activities which will help to reintegrate them back into the teams they'll be working with; and then provide them with a 'thank you for being brilliant' tea. In groups of 8 they will navigate mini-challenges; solve The Mystery of the ACTS Ghost and be rewarded with a 'Welcome Back Together' tea in our community room.

We want you to help us show our volunteers how special, clever, creative and appreciated they are! Thank you.

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