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As the serving committee of the Boosbeck Village Hall we work hard to promote the well being of all members of ours and the wider community through the events that we organise. Following on from the Covid 19 crisis which forced the closure of our premises we have now met and are planning to stage a summer fayre event in August this year.

This has a number of benefits to our community, firstly it will promote the togetherness of all residents in Boosbeck providing a fun filled day to spend with family members and friends who may have been previously isolating. The innovation behind this event is to provide an event to the best of our ability through the teamwork of the committee and with the minimalist costs to members of our community. Many of the days events are free or have a substantially lower cost than you would expect. The reasons behind this is to create a feeling of community cohesion to all of the residents regardless of financial and family circumstances, we always aim for an accessible to all approach when organising events.

The theme this year for our summer fayre event is the Circus/Carnival. This grant would enable us to provide various circus/carnival themed kit for the residents of Boosbeck through holding free community craft sessions to enable people to make their own circus attire through organised sessions.

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