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Primrose Parks Alliance has been going for over 2 years now and work closely work with the local community, the local authority and other agencies to take care of and improve the green spaces in Primrose, Jarrow.

The improvement in the parks has been amazing and although there is a lot still to do, the committee has the drive and energy to succeed.

This particular funding drive is to help us raise £4000 for equipment, plants and raw materials. We have raised £1000 already and want to expand our small gardening groups currently limited to 6 with manual hand tools to larger groups of 10 using sustainable, rechargeable cordless power tools. This is in line with South Tyneside Councils new environmental policy and puts us first in the area to move towards cordless and away from petrol and will help us to recruit more volunteers from the local community, providing outside community work, fitness, open air, engagement and camaraderie opportunities to all ages and abilities in the local area.

The Project is aimed at equipping and recruiting a team of up to 100 and to run weekly gardening events with a clear rotational maintenance plan for the area to supplement the work carried out by the local authority with an expectation of 25% attendance at regular events (this follows a previous pattern of organised litter picking events). The project will take 6-9 months to achieve it's goals but will continue as a rolling maintenance plan indefinitely.

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