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We are looking to purchase First Aid training equipment so that we may deliver courses not only for our cadets but for the residents of Sandhill Ward - Sunderland.

Recently, we have become involved with 'Sandhill Community Group' who are working in partnership with Thorney Close Football Club. As part of their mission they want to provide help and skills to the residents of the ward. We'd like to assist by providing First Aid training to anyone who is interested. We'll achieve this by using our already registered St John Ambulance and British Heart Foundation trainers/assessors.

This funding would be used to specifically purchase CPR trainers which we'd use with both our cadets/staff and with the residents of the ward through the Sandhill Community Group.

As a result, this project aims to benefit a number of people both directly through training and indirectly through life saving skills at a future date.

We firmly believe that by working together, these simple skills can truly save lives.

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