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We are a charity and a community Saturday School based in Darlington. We offer an effective education of Polish language, history and culture for children with Polish background in age 5-16.

After taking a vote among our teachers and supporters we decided that we would like to apply for a grant which allow us to purchase traditional Polish costumes. This will allow our pupils to better bond when preparing for group events and presentations. There is no more joy for Polish community, parents and pupils than to watch the younger generation wearing beautiful and colorful uniforms which remind all where are we coming from and what our heritage is. Wearing this will bond children together, allow them to feel proud of their diversity and original background they have. We as a school will be able to offer better quality of our future performance and presentations as having professional clothes always catch the eye and attention.

The fun of wearing and presenting this lovely uniforms will offer great joy for all our children. This innovative approach to present Polish tradition will surely better integrate our community and especially bring all our school children closer together.

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