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Like so many grass roots sports club the past year has been very challenging for Stainsby, especially as gymnastics was one of the last indoor sports permitted to reopen.

Many of our gymnasts have been unable to enjoy the sport they love for so long, and as children do, lots of them have grown and some have moved on to new pastures which has left us with depleted membership. Our vision for the future is to begin to develop the next generation of gymnasts from a very early age.

We are looking for your help to develop our pre-school classes with purchasing specialist fun gymnastics equipment so the children are encouraged to be active from a very early age. However, at the same time we are creating a unique coaching academy for our older gymnasts. This will offer them the opportunity to develop important life skills as they learn how to safely coach these young ones, after all who better to pass on the passion for gymnastics than the gymnasts themselves. This is a completely new initiative within the region.

By securing funding through the Venator Community Fund we hope to make Stainsby the best club in the region for pre-school provision and at the same time lead the way in nurturing young coaches.

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