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Yarm Rugby Club provides rugby training and matches for ages six to adult, currently running teams at all age ranges plus two senior men’s teams and one women’s team.

Our project involves the purchase of portable LED floodlights which will increase the time available for teams to train effectively. By providing more time and more flexible time this will inspire teamwork as teams can work together at a time which suits them best, this in turn provides the opportunity to innovate on the rugby field.

We currently pay for the use of a floodlit playing area so this project will allow our teams to play at their home ground, use their own facilities and increase team spirit. Also, it will reduce the costs to the club with savings being re-invested into the club to improve facilities for the benefit of the clubs’ members.

Additionally, as other sport clubs use our facilities any improvements we make to facilities will automatically benefit them and further inspire teamwork. For example, we secured funding to refurbish our clubhouse which we achieved through lockdown. This work has received praise from our funding provider due to the high quality of work and how it has benefitted both our club and other clubs which use the facility.

As well as the day to day rugby provision we also support our local community whenever possible and are involved with groups providing wellbeing services, food deliveries for the vulnerable, installing Christmas decorations, and providing events for the local community.

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