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Kenton School started its own food bank in 2019 after detecting a severe need for it just before Christmas for the welfare of our students. This is fully funded through staff and parent donations. Unfortunately the demand for families using the food bank has continued to grow especially during lock down because of the pandemic. We know deliver to around 70 families, which includes over a hundred children from our and our feeder Primary Schools. This includes a range of families from the most deprived families to those that who don't meet the requirements for access to other food banks because one parent is working but are still in drastic need of support. Each family gets a delivery every two weeks with staff volunteering to do deliveries. Families are recommended by key staff who know them best, Year Leaders, Assistant Principals and Form Tutors from each Year Group. We also do drop off for families in extreme circumstances like the death of a parent or loss of a job. Unfortunately the demand for this service continues to grow and we are seeking any possible support from the Community Fund. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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