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This application is made by CIHT (registered in London), a member of Engineering Together, which is based in the Tees Valley.

The Engineering Together Diversity Champion started the 'Lottie' campaign. Lottie is a doll who accompanies engineers and scientists in their day-to-day work. The WES Lottie Tour uses the dolls to promote the diversity of the STEM sectors and inspires young people to think about careers.  

Our Chair has wrote three books about her north east engineering adventures with Lottie. The books encourage readers to be less wasteful and think differently about everyday choices.


Within the book’s, questions prompt children to discuss topics related to engineering and the environment. There are also games and activities allowing teamwork at home and at school. 


All books are downloadable for free at however many students in and around the Tees Valley do not have access to computers. 


CIHT and other Engineering Together members would use the funds to print copies of these books to take into schools. Some lucky children will even have a unique experience of having a book featuring where they live to be read out to them by the author and tour creator.


After team reading and activities the books would then be left with schools to help inspire a future generation of STEM professionals whilst enabling everyday innovations in the community to minimise our impact on the environment.

CIHT and WES are two of the organisation’s who come together under Engineering Together as a group of volunteers who promote engineering through events and their website   


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