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The purpose of the Coquet Cycling club is to promote Mountain / BMX Biking to people living in Rothbury and the surrounding communities.

The idea for a Bike Park in Rothbury was to provide a safe environment, accessible to all to have fun and develop cycling skills and a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Through my work with the Rothbury Youth Club, I liaised with a neighbouring Alnwick Gallery Youth project when the Alnwick Bike Park was built, to ensure the build of a smaller park in Rothbury would be successful.

We estimate there are around 20 young people skateboarding and cycling in local woods and car parks especially now, as young people take advantage of being outdoors in the current Covid climate. Having a Bike Park in Rothbury would benefit the well-being of people of all ages.

The park was originally planned to open in 2019 but we needed further planning permission which is now in place and then Covid prevented further work proceeding.

We have successfully applied for funding to cover the original target but the additional planning work has increased the deficit needed to purchase materials of construction and contractor work to £7700.

(We have no photographs because the work has not yet begun)

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