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Together Fund 2018

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The Polish Saturday School in Darlington is helping its pupils take centre stage after being awarded £250 from Venator.

The Polish Saturday School has over 100 pupils aged between 5 and 16 and meets every Saturday during term time in Hummersknot Academy. The community organisation, established two years ago by teachers and friends, aims to promote Polish culture and bilingualism. Pupils are encouraged to learn about Polish culture through educational lessons (including language, history and geography) as well as creative activities including the school’s ‘Little Theatre’ project, school band and choir.

Anna Urbanowicz, The Head of Strategy at the Polish Saturday School, said: “We’ve found that one of the best ways to inspire our pupils to learn has been by giving them the opportunity to express themselves through drama as well as music. That’s why we created the school’s ‘Little Theatre’ project and music groups.

“Thanks to the Venator Together Fund we were able to buy costumes and stage sets for the school’s two festive productions which our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating, rehearsing and performing. The extra funding really helped to inspire not only the pupils, but the teachers and parents, to be more creative.

“The grant is also helping the school to form a band and choir which the children are very excited about. We plan on getting the children some ukuleles and they can’t wait to learn how to play as a band, as well as learn how to sing in the choir, so they can do a live performance.

Anyone interested in attending the Polish Saturday School should visit or find them on Facebook

"It has enabled us to better support and encourage our pupils’ creativity – boosting their interest in learning new skills and taking on new challenges."

Anna Urbanowicz
Head of Strategy

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