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Norton Comets are a mixed children’s cricket team which developed from the success of our first year completing our first Durham All Stars Programme this Summer. Due to its success some children carried on as part of our new programme Norton Comets. It has grown further with children who didn't attend the All Stars becoming involved after hearing how much the children who did enjoyed it.

The children range from 5 to 9 years and are having fun playing fielding and catching games, learning batting and bowling skills and generally keeping fit.

Cricket is a grass roots team sport that has an etiquette and discipline about it the children can learn from and take forward to adult life. It's a fabulous sport that is inclusive to all. It’s a sport where you can develop great teamwork but also the ability to work on your own. After the success of our England Team this year we want to encourage as many children as possible to try the game and hopefully fall in love with it.

We are looking for some funding to help purchase some bats, balls and some designated uniform for the children to wear. We are an all-inclusive club and want to reach out and introduce sport to those children who are not as financially viable to give them the opportunity to be part of this programme and to help fund the equipment and uniform needed to give children the best possible chance so that everyone feels included.

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