You've won!

Download your winners toolkit to help tell people that your project has won a grant from the Together Fund.

Download your winners toolkit

Congratulations, you’ve won a grant from Venator’s Together Fund! To help share the good news with your family, friends and supporters, we’ve created this handy winners toolkit which includes posters for you to print, as well as images and social media content to share.

Well done!

Winners Toolkit

Print off these editable A4 posters and put them on noticeboards to let people know you’ve won a grant from Venator’s Together Fund.

Download A4 poster (PDF)

Download A4 poster (word document).

If your group has its own website, feel free to use our pre-written web content to add a news story about winning a grant. Feel free to adapt the wording or create your own.

Download website text (Word document).