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We are a constituted, inclusive and dementia-friendly older adults group based in Gateshead. Our group meet to make contemporary art with professional artists and connect with other people who are carers, live with long-term health conditions, or live with dementia.

We are called 7 Bridges to represent the 7 bridges which cross the River Tyne and the fact that the group welcome and aim to make bridges for people who are at risk of isolation or depression.

We have 16 members aged between 70 and 93 years old and meet weekly at BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art. We are an independent group with our own Terms of Reference and bank account but with advisory support from creative ageing charity, Equal Arts.

We have previously worked with artists but we would like to become more visible as a group to beable to welcome other people facing similar circumstances but also to celebrate our artwork and raise awareness of the power of creativity in later life and for those living with dementia.

7 Bridges would like develop a multi artform performance inspired by Turner Art Prize Winner, Lubaina Himid's recent show at BALTIC and our new enthusiam for live art performance. The show would combine dance and singing/sound and invite audiences to join in.

Funding from Venator would help us bring artist Gillie Kleiman to develop a dance piece which would be peformed to unsuspecting BALTIC audiences. Funding would support a contribution towards materials to design the space.

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