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High Handenhold Fire Cadets is a group of 17 cadets aged 13-17 and 8 instructors, 4 employed and 4 volunteers.

We use weekly training drills in the training yard to develop efficient teamwork skills where the cadets learn to rely on each other in highly stressful situations and potentially real-life scenarios as a fire fighter. We aim to provide these Cadets with a set of unique life skills should they pursue a career in the fire service or any other employed role. We also incorporate physical exercise into our weekly meets to ensure our cadets maintain high degree of physicals fitness with constant improvements. As a result, the cadets leave with valuable skills as adults which not all young adults have the opportunity to achieve.

If we were successful in obtaining a grant, we would use any funds received to help for us pay for an outdoors based summer camp during 2020 where we will aim to provide the cadets with experiences they may not experience if there were not part of the scheme.

The cadets spend the majority of there time focusing on the physical fitness and drills, but we also support the local area via litter pics, snow clearing, supporting the fire fighters charity and bag packs. This summer camp would be a reward for their hard work internally and externally. 

Thank you for the support and time taken to help us.

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